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3Lab Anti-Aging Cream Beauty Product Review

by Skinnypurse
3Lab Anti-Aging Cream
3Lab Anti-Aging Cream

3Lab Anti-Aging Cream

With SO many creams and lotions on the beauty market, it can be overwhelming to pick out an anti-aging cream. I myself have tried my fair share over the years, and a few faves have risen to the top.

3Lab Anti-Aging Cream is the most recent favorite to my beauty arsenal. The luxuriously rich formula feels decadent, and the results have been wonderful. Uber-hydrating this anti-aging cream fights fine lines and wrinkles. It contains 3LAB’s Marine Repair Complex, which blends marine ingredients, peptides and minerals to form a unique formula which does triple-duty of moisturizing, regulating skin homeostasis and increases elastin and collagen production.

PROS: 3Lab Anti-Aging cream packs a big punch in a tiny jar. With only the need to use a small bit at a time, the smaller jar (around 2oz) lasts a significant amount of time. The cream glides on smooth, smells good and does not clog pores or cause breakouts. I have found skin around my eye area has felt firmer, without feeling tight. My skin feels moisturized throughout the day.

CONS: From a product results standpoint, this cream delivers. No cons there. The only downfall is the price tag ($675) – spendy but worth it for a luxury miracle cream.

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