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Time to Wake up Your Tired Eyes, No Matter How Much Sleep You Got

by Lindsay Ware

January is always a tough month. Between the New Year’s resolutions, full-time back at work, and the dreary weather, it can be a real challenge to look well rested. While you may not be clocking in at 8 hours of sleep per night, that doesn’t mean that you can’t a least look the part.

 Sure, placing an ice cube under your eye does reduce puffiness, and concealer can lessen those ominous dark circles. But what about something more effective that actually changes the under eye situation, instead of just covering it up?

That’s where eye cream comes in. Before you completely throw in the towel on eye creams because of ineffective past experiences, hear us out.

Side by side, we tested out two under eye creams over the course of a few days, and the results are in.

First off was the Chamomile Eye Therapy cream by Made From Earth. This all natural, calming cream was light and absorbed quickly, so it’s great for those who hate that greasy feel. More specifically, this treatment is targeted towards reducing wrinkles and calming stressed eyes.

The routine: Use it for 5 nights (or mornings) in a row after cleansing. You can use it under the eye or on the lid. Then, wait for 2-4 days before applying the next round of treatment, to give your eyes a rest.

The results: Slightly less puffy eyes, but the color remained pretty dark. Also, don’t rely on it as a moisturizer, because it is so light and quick to absorb.


Next in line was the Stem Cell + Peptide Complex cream from Somaluxe. This cream incorporates plant cells, peptides, and amino acids to encourage new collage production and result in better skin longevity.

The routine: Use the cream once per day, day or night, after cleansing. This cream can be applied to the whole face, or to specific target areas.

The results: Puffiness greatly reduced, and dark circles significantly lightened. The cream also remedies dry patches on the skin, which is extremely beneficial in the harsh winter months.


What are your thoughts on eye creams? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Under Eye Creams Ready to Review

Made From Earth Chamomile Eye Therapy Cream

Somaluxe Stem Cell + Peptide Complex Eye Cream

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