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When to Toss It: Makeup Expiration Dates

by Lindsay Ware

Everyone loves buying new makeup. Opening up a fresh mascara wand, applying a perfectly full liquid eyeliner, or testing out every tone in a new eyeshadow palette; few things are more satisfying in life. But what if there was an actual reason to do this? What if buying new makeup meant improving your health?

via @thepinkdiary

via @thepinkdiary

Sure, the idea seems farfetched, and too good to be true. New research says otherwise. According to a Jamie Greenberg, a celebrity makeup artist, you should really think twice before putting on that concealer you bought 2 years ago.

In a Huffington Post article where Greenberg was interviewed on the subject of makeup expiration dates, we learned a few things.

Using makeup products with specific built-in applicators, such as mascara wands, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The same goes for liquid eyeliners, or eyeliner pots that you end up double-dipping brushes into. With that being said, it is advised that you toss out these products at about the 6-month mark, just to be on the cleaner side.

via @bellaxlovee

via @bellaxlovee

Foundation is a bit lower maintenance than the rest of your makeup must-haves. Foundation in a bottle with a pump can realistically last you up to two years. If you’re using a brush or sponge to apply it, make sure to clean your utensils often, around once a week for best results.

Probably the biggest expiration questions people have is whether their lipstick or lip gloss is still usable. Typically, mouths are some of the most bacteria-filled areas of the body, so keeping these products up to date is pretty important. With lipstick, test a bit out on your hand before putting it directly on your lips. If the color looks any different or the actual stick feels dried out, sticky, or clumpy, it’s best to toss it. If not, just sanitize it with a tissue and some alcohol. As for lip gloss, you can stretch the date a bit longer. Just as with lipstick, make sure that the consistency, color, and smell are the same as when you bought the product, and you’re good to go!

Have you ever noticed that organic fruit seems to go brown a bit faster than nonorganic ones? There’s a reason for that. Organic items don’t have heavy preservatives and harsh chemicals to elongate shelf-life, and the same goes for your organic makeup products. Be a bit more diligent about using your organic products in a timely manner, because they may not last as long as their makeup counterparts.

Does your makeup bag need a Spring cleaning?

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