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Fall Beauty Trends to Try Now

by Lindsay Ware

We’re just about through with August, and I can almost smell the Pumpkin Spice lattes! Fall is going to be upon us faster than we know it, which means it’s time for a style transition. While shopping for sweaters and warmer attire is fun, it dawned on me that fall style means more than just clothes; it means adding some slight color changes to our hair and makeup pallets. There are some fabulous fall beauty trends we can’t wait to try.

Fall Beauty Trends

For fall 2016, the hair and makeup trends are subtle, warm, and totally achievable. Here is some inspiration to get you in the mood for the upcoming season!


  1. Light Hair, Dark Roots: Well, it looks like this trend is the ultimate hairstyle for an easy upkeep. Let it grow, let it grow!
Light Hair Dark Roots

Light Hair Dark Roots (Image via Marie Claire)

  1. Honey Highlights: Chances are, some of these might be left over from sun exposure during the summer. Spruce your highlights up a bit with a quick trip to the salon, and you’ve achieved the ultimate fall trend.
Honey Highlights

Honey Highlights – Image via Marie Claire

  1. Raven Black: Feeling bold? Raven black hair is super popular for fall, and I can’t think of a better time to try it out.
Raven Black Hair

Raven Black Hair – Image via Marie Claire

  1. Bronde: This color has been a year-round staple, and it’s an easy one to maintain. In between blonde and brown, bronde flatters nearly any skin tone.
Bronde Hair

Bronde Hair – Image via Marie Claire


  1. Contemporary Gothic: The key to achieving this trend is to pair subtle eye makeup with a bold, ultra dark lip color.
Contemporary Gothic Makeup

Contemporary Gothic Makeup – Image via Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Touch of Sparkle: Adding just the slightest bit of glitter to your eye makeup will make you shine in any outfit.
Touch of Sparkle Makeup

Touch of Sparkle – Image via stephie.b_ on Instagram

  1. Subtle Glow: Gone are the days of an extensive contouring routine! The new way to glow is by adding some light rosy pinks where they belong, and a natural looking shine in the appropriate places, like the cheekbone and upper brow.
Subtle Glow Makeup

Subtle Glow Makeup – Image via Aniamilczarczyk.com

  1. Ain’t that Peachy: Peach was a showstopper color this past spring and summer, so why not give it the spotlight for fall?
Peachy Makeup

Peachy Makeup – Image via laurenconrad.com

Now you’re one step closer to achieving the perfect fall look! These hair and makeup trends are super easy to incorporate into your style, and anyone can pull them off.

Which fall beauty trends are you most eager to try?

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