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3 Hair Products to Combat Humidity

by Lindsay Ware
Frizzy Hair via Goodhousekeeping.com

Frizzy Hair via Goodhousekeeping.com

In the midst of the heat of the summer, going au naturel with your beauty regime can be daunting. Sure, it’s awesome to be able to toss on a swimsuit and head out the door, but when you’re looking for a bit of glam, some beauty precautions can be helpful. If summer’s hot weather has gotten your hair into a frizzy mess, fortunately there are some humidity hair care products to help beat the heat.

Here are my 3 current favorite hair products to combat humidity:

Humidity Hair Care

Humidity Combating Hair Products

If you’re anything like me, humidity is your worst nightmare. I can spend an hour straightening my hair, only to walk out the door and poof! My hair is a frizz ball. To help combat the weather, my favorite product combination is the Aloxxi thermal styling spray, the Furterer vegetal styling straightening gel, and the One ‘n Only argan oil hair spray.

To begin with, it is important to incorporate a quality shampoo and conditioner into your shower routine.  Because I bleach my hair, I like to use the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner pair. After I finished showering, I made sure not to towel dry my hair, because doing so contributes to frizz! Instead, I let my hair drip-dry for a few minutes, and then I gently squeezed out the excess water. Next up, I carefully brushed through my tangles, and when I was tangle-free, I applied the vegetal styling straightening gel. Then, before blow drying, I gave my locks a few spritzes of the thermal styling spray to protect against the heat.

I was so surprised by how well the straightening gel worked! I have used many similar products before, but my wavy hair always triumphed. Not this time! My hair was much more manageable, and hardly wavy at all. An added bonus? The gel actually speeds up drying time. It took me half as long for my hair to be completely dry and ready to straighten! The thermal styling spray didn’t seem to make much of a difference in terms of styling, but it was nice to know that I was getting some protection from the heat of the hair dryer and the straightener. Unlike most other thermal protectants, I did notice that this one seemed lighter, so it did not weigh down my hair when combined with all of the other products.

The finishing touch was the argan oil hair spray. Light and flexible, this hairspray isn’t sticky, and it gave me a nice shine. Plus, the smell is heavenly! I would definitely recommend all of these products, especially when used together. I couldn’t be more pleased with how my hair feels, looks, and smells!

What do you recommend for humidity hair care?

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