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New Picks on the Fast Fashion Scene from Zara, Topshop and H&M

by Lindsay Ware
Topshop Runway

While we are always sympathetic to the occasional shopping “splurge” (hello, Chloé handbag!), finding great deals on fashion must-haves often feels more rewarding than dropping a whole paycheck on one item. Obvs, we turn to the tried-and-true favorites like Zara, H&M, and Topshop for affordable fashion, and to  create a wardrobe that looks tasteful and expensive, all while keeping your bank account in check.

Some items to keep and eye out for this season are oversized statement shirts, chic athletic wear for everyday errands, and overcoats that complete outfits. Neutrals and patterns are hot right now, so pretty much anything goes. As always, layering is a must too, so keep that in mind as you build up your wardrobe!

The newest arrivals at Zara are classic, simple, and modern pieces. Zara is reintroducing the women’s oversized clothing trend, with baggy joggers and loose-fitting tunics. As far as the color palette goes, nearly all of the items in the new collection are black, white, and neutral. If you’re looking for some basics as a wardrobe foundation, Zara is definitely the place to search at the moment.




H&M’s fall picks scream Pacific Northwest Style! From flannels to jeans to parkas, H&M is the perfect place to stock up on your fall fashion essentials, all for an unbelievably low price. Their comfy sweatshirts and athleisure vibes are great for students, too.


Last, but definitely not least, Topshop’s new arrivals are more on the wild side. Never lacking in bold prints and unique fabric cuts, Topshop is the affordable way to stand out. We love how Topshop reflects its British roots in design, allowing for an international flair to our wardrobes here in America!



These fashion picks give just a glimpse at the endless possibilities of wardrobe growth on a budget. Whether your style is preppy, sporty, edgy, or boho, there are so many great fashion steals to help you step into Fall in style!

Which shop fits your personal style the best?

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