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Welcome to Skinnypurse.com! I started this blog in 2009 while home with a new baby. It began as an outlet for my fashion obsessions, and now chronicles fashion trends, style advice, beauty product reviews and all things shopping-related. In 2012, my husband and I launched a men’s fashion and grooming site called StyleGuyde.com. My day job keeps me fashion-focused – I work in Women’s Apparel Marketing at Nordstrom. I am passionate about all things related to this field and love helping small businesses build their marketing strategies.

For advertising and media inquiries, product review requests, or other feedback/questions, please connect via the Contact Us form, or send an email to info {@} skinnypurse.com.

Thanks so much for reading!

– Andrea



Lindsay Ware

Lindsay Ware

Lindsay Ware is a 20-year-old Senior at Seattle Pacific University. Ever since she was young, she has had a knack for writing, and has written about topics ranging from commercial promotion to personal excerpts in a local paper. Her true passion is to write about fashion and beauty. Other than writing (and studying!), Lindsay enjoys baking, exploring the city, traveling, and trying new things. In 2014, she studied abroad in London, England, as well as traveled around Europe. She is a huge Topshop enthusiast! Lindsay will be reviewing and testing some new beauty products, as well as sharing her style inspiration.

Theresa Johnston

Theresa Johnston

Theresa Johnston is a Seattle-based marketing professional who loves writing. In addition to contributing to Skinnypurse.com, she also writes, irreverently, about wine on her own blog, Seattlewinenovice.blogspot.com.


Jordyn Sifferman

Jordyn Sifferman

Jordyn Sifferman graduated from Seattle Pacific University and is currently working in the fashion industry. As a voracious reader and avid writer, she discovered her love of blogging and founded her personal life and style blog The Fairy Princess Diaries in 2013. Jordyn finds the history and evolution of fashion endlessly fascinating and has devoted most of the free space in her apartment to shoes and coffee table books.

Lisa Cole Bio ImageLisa Cole

Lisa Cole is a Seattle based fashion writer. She writes a monthly column for Vanguard Seattle, on online arts, culture and fashion magazine, and also covers fashion events, designers, and boutiques in her writing. Cole has her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Westfultonstreet.com, which she started in 2009, and is a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Group International.