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Beauty Product Review: Clayspray Clay Emulsion Masque

by Skinnypurse


It is a known beauty fact that clay removes impurities in skin and fights breakouts. I’ve been using a clay-based cleanser for years and swear by it for keeping acne at bay. I was recently introduced to Clayspray, “the world’s first clay emulsion in a spray”. Combining pure clay, spring water and other natural ingredients, each masque in the Clayspray collection provides all the benefits of a clay-based masque, and also moisturizes skin. The formula is enriched with macromolecular hydrogels which transmit moisture into skin as well as firm and tighten. During winter’s cold days, Clayspray is a great addition to your skincare routine.

About Clayspray: The clay is sourced from the Irene Mine in Spain’s Iberian Peninsula where it has been protected from pollution and contamination for thousands of years. Only 1% of the mined clay goes into Clayspray. The total concentration of actual clay in the product is 65% (compared to 20% which is found in a majority of other clay mask products). The Clayspray line uses both white clay masks and red clay masks and offers products to address specific skin concerns – from Pore Refining and Skin Brightening and Glow to Toning and Mattifying. The line also includes two refreshing mineral water mists that further hydrate and soothe skin both before and after the treatment.

Benefits: Red and white clay exfoliates skin while providing antiseptic properties. The formula cleanses deeply, removing dirt, oil, makeup buildup and environmental toxins. The white clay contains potassium, calcium and silica for moisturizing and anti-aging benefits whilst the red clay contains iron and magnesium to activate the circulation and encourage healing.

My beauty product review: Clayspray’s lightweight consistency is easily applied to skin. I can feel the masque tighten as it dries, and when washed off, skin feels clean and more luminous. My only negative about the product is that the spray is a bit messy. It starts to come out smoothly, like shaving cream, but then bubbles in the can cause mini-bursts, resulting in a bit of a mess. However, I still think the product itself is effective.

Pricing: Clay Sprays are $59.95 (for a 125ml bottle) and the Water Sprays are $23.95. Available at Beautyhabit.com, as well as in some regional stores throughout the U.S. For more information visit: Clayspray.com


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