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Eye-Opening Brow Grooming Tips from the Experts at Uni K Wax Centers

by Skinnypurse
New High Precision Tweezers from Uni K Wax Centers

For those days when you did not get enough sleep, have to rush to an early morning meeting, and need a quick pick-me-up, one easy trick is to shape your brows. It may seem daunting (I usually leave this task to the pros), but grooming your own brows can be simple and fast. Here are some brow grooming tips that will make this task seem like a breeze!

New High Precision Tweezers from Uni K Wax Centers

New High Precision Tweezers from Uni K Wax Centers

First, you’ll need high-quality tweezers. Professionals wouldn’t use just any tools to get the job done, and it should be no different with at-home beauty care. I like the high precision tweezers from Uni K Wax Centers. These colorful tweezers have perfectly aligned slanted high precision tips, which grab individual hairs easily. Wondering how to do it?

Uni K Wax Centers founder and CEO, Noemi Grupenmager, shares here tips for easy at-home tweezing:

What is the best method for shaping a client’s brows and why?

Brow grooming is notably important because eyebrows are the most expressive and dramatic feature of the face that frame the most prominent feature, your eyes. Finding a shape close to their origin and keeping your brows well groomed is extremely beneficial for a heightened self confidence. In order to achieve that the best way is to get them professionally waxed at least once a month to avoid mistakes. It is quite common for women and teens to over-pluck in an attempt to dramatize their face which generally frays too far from their original look which does not compliment their facial structure.

Many women (and men) do their shaping or grooming at home via tweezers. What are your tips for tweezing brows at home?

Whenever you “do it yourself” at home, you lack the professional knowledge that those who have been trained have.  When you talk about shaping your eyebrows and the look of your face which is reflected in your eyebrow shape, it takes a professional to see the true features that should be highlighted and which is the best look for you.  When you tweeze yourself, you may not have the full ability to accentuate your most prominent feature, and in pursuit of keeping the best shape, you may over pluck, not arch the brow enough, leave the side too long and a host of other mishaps which a professional can fix for you very swiftly.  Having an “eye” for eyebrows is a skill that is acquired over time and through experience, it is for these reasons that select professionals train and perfect the art of shaping beautiful brows and why it is really in your best interest to invest in your image through a trained professional. 

At Uni K Wax, our waxers have undergone an extensive training session to include eyebrows and focus on “Celebrity eyebrows”, brow styles that are so finely groomed it is designed for Celebrities.  Our waxers wax the area, then tweeze to give a final shape, next we apply the eyebrow gel to set the shape and the final step being of eyebrow powder to fill in the spaces and set the perfect look.

What do you think is the biggest mistake women make shaping their own brows?

Many women make the mistake of over-plucking or shaping their eyebrows in a way that does not complement the natural brow shape of their facial structure. Eyebrows are a very delicate area when it comes to hair removal because once removed, the hair will most likely not grow back evenly. Eyebrows highlight the most dramatic and expressive part of the body, your beautiful face!

Since men don’t want their brows to look the same as women, what advice do you give to them for grooming their brows?

Men have different challenges when it comes to eyebrows.  They may have a “mono brow” one brow across the whole areas or they may have “grandpa hairs” as you age, you have longer eyebrow hair that grows and takes on its own characters.  So other than the simple eye brow hair that needs to define and highlight the face and hair line, they have to “tidy-up” more to keep their very masculine and distinguished features. Taking all of this into consideration, I recommend they start by recognizing that they don’t have to put up with wayward hair and they have professionals on hand to help them look their best with professional eyebrow services.  I have seen men who have well manicured eyebrows, return regularly to keep their very well groomed look, as they truly appreciate what fine grooming to their eyebrows has benefited their personal image.

What should you look for when choosing a pair of tweezers?

When choosing a pair of tweezers, you should look for the following key attributes: They must be perfectly slanted at a 25 degree angle, so that it makes it that much easier to grab any pesky little hair, and also make sure they are sharpened to a precise point, and they also must be comfortable to hold. 

How should tweezers be cared for?

Tweezers are best kept clean, away from moisture and in a pouch so they are not damaged from rolling around in a bag or draw.  Through regular care, quality tweezers will last a long time.

Do you have any other tips to keep great looking brows?

There are a few tips for maintaining great looking brows.  1. Once you have your perfect eyebrow style, maintain them with regular waxing services.  2. Always keep a good pair of tweezers at home, for those emergency situations when a hair is out of place and 3. Always set your lovely brows with a good eyebrow gel and highlight them with eyebrow powder.  

For more information about Uni K Wax Centers, or to book a service, visit UniKWax.com.

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