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Fashion is a State of Mind, Not a Size Range

by Skinnypurse

Fashion to Figure

Fashion is a state of mind, not a size range. That is the premise behind Fashion to Figure, a leading full fashion retailer based out of the East Coast. Created by the great grandsons of Lane Bryant, the woman who brought stylish, full-figured fashion to the forefront more than 100 years ago, Fashion to Figure is a contemporary line, full of trendy affordable separates. From silky blouses and sophisticated pencil skirts, to colorful accessories and hats, Fashion to Figure offers a full-spectrum of options to outfit anyone. They also offer a line of key basics like camisoles, tube tops, leggings and shapewear.

Fashion to Figure

With a goal of making customers feel chic, stylish and supremely confident, Fashion to Figure offers personal stylist recommendations. Pieces retail for $10-$60 and sizes range from 12-26. For store locations or to shop online, visit: FashiontoFigure.com.

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