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On The Road with Theresa Wingert

by Skinnypurse
Theresa Wingert in Austin Texas
Theresa Wingert's Travel Must-Haves

Theresa Wingert’s Travel Must-Haves

Working as a commercial filmmaker, Theresa Wingert zig-zags across the country and the seas, spending a fair share of time 36,000 feet in the air in the silver tube. With her bags consistently on the go, we take a look inside what she’s packing right now, and the little things she takes along to make the long haul a little more fun.

Pictured above clockwise from top left:

1) Handbags: I collect vintage Coach bags, and time looks great on them as they gather patina. The leather is sturdy-beautiful, and they remind me of my Mom in the 70’s.

2) Sweater: This is a great summer sweater for a chilly night or morning, and light enough to travel with. I’m loving this thing this year.

3) Wallet & iPad Case: Picked this wallet up at my favorite Seattle store, a handsome leather piece by A Brand Apart. I love this rugged canvas Ipad case – low-profile and handsome.

4) Cards: I carry some cards around to write a random letter to someone. Still amazed you can send an envelope across the country for hand-delivery for under $.50. These ones are from Egg Press in Portland; the owners are fun gals and each card is printed on old machines from the 30’s.

5) Face Oil: This fabulous face oil really is fabulous. It has a clean, woodsy scent of juniper berry and leaves your skin really soft. And my favorite fragrance right now is Beach by Bobbi Brown. It smells like sea spray and Coppertone suntan lotion, and brings back memories of summer vacations.

Travel Candle: Pommes Frites Candle Co. is an artisanal candle company based in downtown Los Angeles, run by husband and wife team Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger.

6) Pouches: This Portuguese linen little pouch holds receipts and random bits and pieces you collect on the road. And I picked up this m0851 bag in NYC it’s traveled with me for years. It’s featherweight and super soft, and holds all sorts of random objects that you need to carry.

7) Camera: My go-to camera that I have carried for years. It has an amazing lens on it, and a super fast shutter. It’s always in my back pocket, and in fact, I took most of these pictures with it.

8) Read: A book I keep in the inner pocket of my carry-on. It’s a go-to. TS Eliot is unbelievably good anytime, anywhere.

9) Scarf: A Moroccan ultra lightweight cotton wrap is my summer go-to. I love this thing. Picked it up at my favorite store, Lost & Found in Los Angeles.

Theresa Wingert in Austin Texas

Theresa Wingert in Austin Texas

Learn more about Theresa by visiting: Fiona Media Company.

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