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Splendid Resort 2012 Collection Takes Us On a Cozy Vacay

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at The Find:

As I freeze my butt off through this early December chill and try to dream of warmer vacation weather, sweaters don’t exactly have any space reserved in the hypothetical suitcase I’m taking on my dreamt-up future getaway. However, taking a nice long look at Splendid’s brand-new Resort 2012 collection, I’m convinced I’d be perfectly happy perched on a yacht in each and every cozy-chic piece, no matter what the weather! Splendid, known for their ultra-comfy basics and easy-to-wear knitwear – from oversized sweaters to unbelievably soft tees and beyond – have just unveiled a vacation-ready collection for the girl who likes to keep things relaxed and simple on her days off… but still looks perfectly put-together! With a series of lightweight maxi skirts, jersey tops and dresses, and chunky open-knit sweaters designed for easy layering, mastering that tricky “trying without looking like you’re trying at all” vacation-y vibe turns into a total cinch. And what’s even more amazing than the collection’s undeniable comfort is the fact that many of these cozy pieces can even be worn now… with perhaps a few extra layers, of course!

– Alex Gambardella

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