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Strengthen and Nourish your Hair with Eprouvage

by Lindsay Ware
Eprouvage Hair Care
Eprouvage Hair Care

Eprouvage Hair Care

The perfect accessory to every outfit? Great hair. Nothing looks more polished and chic than a beautiful, shiny mane. Whether it’s going out for a night on the town, hanging out with friends, or even just going to class, having beautiful hair seems to just give us that extra spring in our step and ups our confidence levels to Kim Kardashian status.

Often times, the intense heat tools paired with gradual product build-up can wreak havoc on our locks, making them dull and lifeless with frayed edges and endless frizz. Parting your hair on the same side repeatedly can even result in hair loss and breakage, which is a difficult task to reverse. Luckily, the damage reversal just got a whole lot easier to deal with! Eprouvage reached out and gave me some of their products to try, so here are the facts:

Eprouvage is a hair product line specializing in hair strengthening and regrowth. The main ingredients in their products are redensyl, Egyptian blue lily, french oak, natural peptides, and vegetable keratins. Their motto is that healthy hair begins at the cellular level, so their products are aimed to target the scalp first, to make the difference where it really counts.

I tried out the fortifying shampoo, fortifying conditioner, and the restorative scalp serum. The shampoo and conditioner smelled heavenly, with an herby scent note that was so relaxing in the shower! The shampoo worked into a good amount of suds, which is what I like in a shampoo! It felt more cleansing than nourishing, though. I have really thick and curly hair, so conditioner is absolutely necessary. I put a generous amount in my hair, and when it rinsed out, it felt more like it was purifying than conditioning. I took a brush to my hair, and let’s just say that it took a good amount of time to get the tangles out. Ouch!

Once I had my hair part in place, I used the dropper from the scalp serum on it, and then massaged some more onto my whole scalp. I was afraid that it would make my hair greasy because it’s an oil, but it absorbed right into my scalp and was not noticeable at all!

After I styled my hair with the straightener, it looked smooth and shiny. The only downside of the whole process was all of the tangles, but I did like how it looked after I was finished styling! As long as it is helping my hair stay strong, I will try and use it at least once a week, when I have time to brush it out.

All of the Eprouvage products can be purchased here.

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