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Beauty Product Review: AmLactin – For Seriously Dry Skin

by Skinnypurse


Amlactin Body Cream

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I have to admit, I am a bit obsessive when it comes to moisturizing. I go through a pretty meticulous routine every evening and morning, moisturizing all body parts from head to toe. During certain parts of the year, when my skin is dryer than normal, I really have to step up my moisturizing game.

Enter: AmLactin® – this is serious care for dry skin. The formulas in AmLactin target the driest of areas, rejuvenate skin cells and seal in moisture. Be gone pesky dry skin patches! I had the opportunity to review three products from the AmLactin line. My thoughts on the products as well as buying info are below.

Cerapeutic™ Restoring Body Lotion: This lotion is super light, and goes on smooth. I find that it sinks in easily. In researching the product, I read some reviews that said the scent was overpowering, yet, I did not find this. My daughter even said it smelled ‘yummy’! This line is definitely more clinical vs. botanical. Cerapeutic Restoring Lotion ($18.99) contains essential ceramides and the brand’s “triple action, patented ULTRAPLEX® formula” which gently exfoliates skin when used regularly. That great cell turnover is what you need to uncover younger, softer skin. Overall, a great lotion for every day use. According to the information on the AmLactin website, this lotion helps prevent dry skin from re-occurring. I plan to keep using and find out!

Ultra Hydrating Body Cream: For severe dry skin, including eczema and psoriasis, AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream ($15.99) is a good choice. Alpha-hydroxy acid gently repairs skin, while humectants and emollients soften. I used this cream once a day for a few weeks and found that my super dry areas (elbows, knees), were softer and smoother. Thicker than the lotion in consistency, this formula has the same subtle ‘medicinal’ scent as the lotion. The main difference between AmLactin Lotion and Cream is the consistency – the cream is much thicker and leaves a bit of a residue on hands that is easily washed off.

Triple Action Alpha-Hydroxy Foot Cream: Bring this to your next pedicure! AmLactin Foot Cream ($9.99) offers a clinical-strength formula extreme deep hydration. An ideal accompaniment to rough, calloused feet, this formula contains “triple-action” alpha-hydroxy therapy with the brand’s patented ULTRAPLEX. Using the same premise as their body cream and lotion, skin cells turn over and renew after being gently exfoliated. For work, I wear high heels all the time, and while I love the look, I hate the damage they do to my feet. I have been using this between pedis to keep rough skin smooth.

All in all, I am happy with the way AmLactin products moisturized my skin, and will be keeping them in my beauty arsenal for times when my skin is extra dry. To learn more and shop, visit: AmLactin.com.

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