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My Skin Life Saver: HydroPeptide

by Skinnypurse
HydroPeptide Polish & Plump Peel
HydroPeptide - Must Have Skin Savers

HydroPeptide – Must Have Skin Savers

Last month, I had the pleasure of sneaking away for a weekend at a spa in Palm Springs with my mom to celebrate our birthdays. Three relaxing days of no work, kids, or obligations. It was divine. While visiting the spa at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Palm Springs, I enjoyed a therapeutic facial. The esthetician began telling me about the products she was using, a line called HydroPeptide, based out of Washington. I was immediately intrigued…

Because getting a facial is such a sensory experience, I was very conscious of each product she was using. This line offers anti-aging products that contain natural ingredients such as apple stem cells, blueberry extract, Acai berry, green tea, aloe, and of course Peptides.

Peptides are active chains of amino acids that make up proteins. While proteins are key components in muscle tissue, skin, tendons, organs and bones, they are also essential elements in every cell process. The formulas in HydroPeptide products include over 60 unique peptides, and offer anti-aging and skin healing properties.

After my facial, my skin glowed. Each and every one of the products my esthetician used smelled amazing and did not irritate my skin in any way; and more importantly, made me want to learn more. The product that stood out the most for me, was HydroPeptide Solar Defense: Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Unlike most sunscreens, this one has a non-greasy formula and an intoxicating scent. Bonus: this sunscreen has ‘skin-perfecting’ spheres that self-adjust to match all skin tones. No more white sunscreen face! I have been using this product every day, and it honestly makes me happy to apply! Note: I just got back from a week in Arizona, this SPF was a must-have.

The lovely folks at HydroPeptide kindly sent me over a few products to try out, and I have truly enjoyed incorporating all of them into my beauty routine. I highly recommend HydroPeptide skin care products! In addition to the SPF mentioned above, here is what I am using:

Cleansing Gel: Cleanse, Tone and Remove Makeup Perfect for dry or sensitive skin, this gentle cleanser washes away dirt and impurities and leaves skin moisturized. It helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The triple action formula contains foaming peptides, lactic and sebacic acid, among a host of other skin cleansing ingredients. I use this morning and evening and it has been great for my skin.

Soothing Serum: Redness Repair & Relief Liquid gold! I am hooked! After cleansing, I smooth on the soothing serum and let it sink in for a minute. Ever since I began using it, my skin has felt more even, and calmer. Areas where there is usually redness due to mild rosacea are toned down. (Likely due to the anti-redness peptide and botanical stem cells contained in the product). Volumizing peptides also firm skin, while blueberry extract enhances elasticity.

Uplift: Gentle Firming Gel Peptides, Moroccan argan extract and triple hyaluronic acid blend to create a formula that ‘wakes up’ eyes and reduces puffiness and fine lines. As someone who functions on very little sleep, this eye gel is a lifesaver. I use it morning and night.

The above three products make up the HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle + Sensitive collection.

To learn more about HydroPeptide products, visit: HydroPeptide.com. HydroPeptide products can also be found at your local InSpa in Washington.

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