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Dana Lorenz for Anthropologie: Gold, Gems, and Girly Spikes

by Skinnypurse

With the holidays approaching, I’m all about glitzy statement jewelry to build out my end-of-year wardrobe. Sure, some of it can get pretty pricey depending on the store, but it’s amazing how easily you can transform and repurpose an old outfit into something totally fresh and on-trend. When you consider how many new-looking outfits you can by adding just one look-at-me accessory to an ensemble you already have hidden away in your closet, you’re practically saving money! I know, I know – it’s a pretty overwhelming discovery, so if you’re struggling to find a place to start, look no further than Dana Lorenz’s capsule collection for Anthropologie. Six not-so-simple yet easy-to-wear pieces demonstrate a perfect marriage between sophisticated, feminine, and edgy with its glitzy gems, bold spikes, and gorgeous gold plating and braided rope details. Mix and match coordinating pieces for a complete look, pile on several bracelets for the perfect holiday “arm party,” or use a statement necklace to add more interest to a trust LBD. With prices ranging from $48-78, you can afford to splurge a bit for the sake of holiday accessorizing!

– Alexandra Gambardella

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