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Dry Skin Be Gone with Topricin’s Natural Formulas

by Skinnypurse

Heal dry skin with Topricin
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As Spring flowers start to poke through the ground, and we come out of the hibernation of winter, our skin can suffer. Dry, cracked skin, eczema, and other skin issues can ensue. Topricin.com helps to restore skins moisture while healing dryness and painful cracks. It contains highly purified water and coconut oil, a winning combination to increase moisture in skin.

A multi-use creme that works to moisturize and heel skin skin on the face, hands and feet, providing rapid relief for Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Calluses and dry flaky heels, Dry, cracked skin Sun and wind burn. I received some to try out and am definitely keeping these cremes in my medicine cupboard. There is even a great one specially designed for kids’ skin.

Lou Paradise, president and chief of research at Topical BioMedics, makers of Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream has some tips for keeping skin moisturized in dry, cold weather:

-Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated helps plump skin up and makes it healthier.
-Choose gentle, natural moisturizers. Common ingredients found in many commercial moisturizers include contain petrolatum and silicone, which can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

-Skip harsh soaps. The soap you’re using – even if it says ‘gentle’ on the package – might be leaching your skin of its lipids. All-natural, oiled-based cleansers like castile soap are a better choice for dry skin.

-Shower in lukewarm water. Long, hot showers and baths are tempting when the temperatures drop, but hot water is hard on your skin and strips it of its natural oils.

-Don’t rub! After bathing or showering, quickly and gently pat the skin partially dry with a towel.

-Lock in the moisture. Within three minutes of getting out of the after apply a moisturizer to seal the water in the skin so it stays hydrated longer.

-Exfoliate regularly. Help your body shed the dead skin cells that can build up visibly when your skin is dry. Use a loofah or body scrub made with coarse ingredients to buff your skin so it becomes soft and smooth.

-Use a humidifier. Increase the humidity level of air of your home and workplaces, if possible and consider adding a humidifier to the central heating system of your home.

-Don’t forget to use sunscreen. It is just as easy to get sunburn in February as it is in July.

Topricin is available in pharmacies, natural food stores, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, and more. To learn more, visit Topricin.com.

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