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Rock On With Alexandra Beth Designs Geode Jewelry

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at The Find:

Alexandra Samit of Alexandra Beth Designs may be fresh out of college, but she’s hardly a newbie to the accessories design world. With a successful line of gorgeous jewelry that’s already been lauded by the likes of InStyle, People Magazine, and fashion bloggers galore, Alexandra Beth is already making waves in the realm of jewelry design among established designers twice her age! While her eclectic array of baubles is quite diverse – boasting everything from cocktail rings to pendant necklaces, wrap bracelets, and more – but most notable (in my personal opinion) is her dazzling series of raw stone and geode jewelry! It’s amazing how the most natural-cut “bling” can be even more sparkly and eye-catching than the more put-together bib necklaces and glitzy polished stones, and Alexandra Beth has a remarkable eye for keeping things simple and elegant yet undeniably statement-making. Sharp angles, unfinished edges, and dazzling stones give her jewelry character while also helping us fashionistas pull off that coveted “trying without looking like you’re trying” effortless glamour. Browse her full collection on her official website!

– Alexandra Gambardella

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