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Carrying Change With a Della Tote Bag

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at College Candy:

One of the most refreshing looks to come out of Mercedes-Benz fashion week? The tote bag! Spring is the perfect time to ditch that impractical, understated clutch you’ve grown so attached to. It’s been some time since you took your entire makeup bag out to lunch, so don’t feel bad tossing everything but the kitchen sink into a fab tote bag. For these past few winter months, we’ve been making statements while keeping warm with layers upon layers of clothing. As we start thinking about lighter looks, it’s the perfect time to play up a great statement bag. If you’re looking for a burst of cheery color and fashion with a conscience, check out DellaLA, a company that creates gorgeous products as well as helps the women of Hohoe, Ghana.

Check out the rest of the Della Tote post here!

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