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San Francisco Gets its Own Converse Store

by Skinnypurse

By Alexandra Gambardella, The Find

San Francisco weather may be impossibly unpredictable, but one thing remains constant – the sky-high hills we San Franciscans are forced to trek day after day! Sure, the hilly terrain is one of the many things we SF inhabitants love about our city, but it’s also the thing that necessitates an arsenal of comfy footwear in our tiny-teeny San Francisco closets! But not to worry – SF is getting its very own Converse store to help equip its residents with more fashionable-yet-functional sneakers to take the city on, one foot after the other. Over the next few weeks, Converse is launching its Brooklyn-based Rubber Tracks concept in SF, which includes a five-night summer concert series, offers up free studio time to local bands, and even boasts a sweet sneaker customization station, where you can help design your own personalized pair of shoes, like the SF-inspired kicks you see in the photos above. Don’t forget to stop by the BIGGEST Converse store nationwide when it opens up in SF later this month!

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