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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin with Silkriller

by Lindsay Ware
Silkriller Revitalization Set

Spring is just around the corner, which means the cloudy days are finally fading away! I love the weather transition from Winter to Spring, but my skin? Not so much. I’ve been plagued with dry skin on my face, and no amount of lotion, day or night, can ease my troubles. It’s a cycle of dry skin, too much lotion, acne, and the acne medication drying my face out even more. Great.

Silkriller Revitalization Set

Silkriller Revitalization Set

Luckily, I stumbled upon the Revitalization Set from Silkriller, a company devoted to incorporating 100% locally sourced silk into their products to help moisturize, refresh, and protect skin from aging. Silkriller reached out and sent me a set to try for myself. All opinions below are my own.

The Revitalization Set includes a deep facial cleansing foam, revitalizing beauty tonic lotion, anti-aging 3D silver gel, and a hydrating moisture cream to top it all off. Here’s the breakdown:

Cleansing foam: The foam comes out in almost a cream-like form, but mixed with a bit of water, transforms into a more foamy consistency. With my face already splashed with water, I applied a 1 inch dab onto my hand and mixed it a bit before I applied it to my face, just as the packaging instructed. I massaged it onto my skin for about 1 minute, and rinsed. This wash is an excellent makeup and oil remover. I kid you not, my face felt squeaky clean!

Tonic Lotion and 3D Gel: After pat-drying my face with a soft cloth, I moved onto the next step with the tonic lotion. The norm for lotion would be a thicker, more gelatinous texture, but this one came out in a pure liquid. I put three drops into the palm of my hand and mixed in the anti-aging 3D silver gel to combine them into one application. The gel is very concentrated, so only 2-3 drops are needed. For fuller application coverage, mix the gel and the lotion together and apply all over the face. If needed, you can also put a bit more gel on the under eye region.

Hydrating Moisture Cream: The last step of the process is to apply the hydrating moisture cream over the lotion and the gel application. Inside the cream container, there is a small measuring spoon, so that you can achieve the ideal amount, which the packaging describes as “pearl sized.” I was glad that the cream was a bit more like the kind that I am used to, thick and immediately moisturizing. I scooped out the pearl sized amount, and it found it to be just enough to cover my face in a thin layer.

After waking up this morning, I found my face to feel refreshed, and my skin tone looked brighter for sure! I plan on using it again tonight, but with more of the cream to remedy my dry patches. From my experience, I would recommend to use these products on well-moisturized skin, instead of using it as a remedy for that. I’m still on the lookout for a good moisturizing miracle, and I’ll be trying out a moisture face mask next, so stay tuned!

Silkriller Skin Care Set

Silkriller Skin Care Set

You can buy this package here, or just purchase individual parts of the kit. Do keep in mind that the product must be used within 2-3 months of opening, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem once you try it out!

By Lindsay Ware


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