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Spring Break in a Bottle: The Sunless Tanner You Need in your Beauty Arsenal

by Lindsay Ware
Sunless Tanner by Australian Gold

With only 152 days of sun in Seattle, a nice golden tan is something made of dreams. Sure, the sun may not make an appearance all that often here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it! The goal: to return from Spring Break looking perfectly sun kissed, even if you never see a single ray of sunshine.

At this point, I’m sure many of you have tried out some some sunless tanner products. The downside is, a lot of times the smell is nauseating, or you end up looking like a giant walking Cheeto. Well friends, allow me to do some product experimentation, so that you don’t have to risk it!

Sunless Tanner by Australian Gold

Sunless Tanner by Australian Gold

The folks at Australian Gold reached out and sent me some of their self tanning lotion to try. This particular product is part lotion, part gel, and is enriched with vitamin E and chamomile for softer skin while you soak up the colors of the sun.


The Author Before

As you can see, I’m definitely from Seattle. Pretty much porcelain.

After showering this evening, I decided to put some of the tanning product on my face, neck, and chest area. I read that tanning products should be applied to clean, exfoliated skin, and sleeping with it on overnight can help the product to work to the best of its ability, because you aren’t moving around in your clothes and sweating while it works its magic. Here goes nothing!

Lindsay Ware

The Author: after a single use of Sunless Tanner

This was taken the day after my first application. I can definitely see the glow already!

I’m looking golden (thankfully not orange, I still have finals to attend), and I don’t smell like a walking advertisement for sunless tanner! Whoohoo! I’m going for round two tonight, just to take my color up a notch. Stay tuned.

The Author - After

The Author – After

There you have it, folks. I look like a native of Hawaii, not of Seattle. This product is wonderful, and I highly recommend it to all my pale ladies out there who want a touch of sun without the damaging and costly effects.


– Non greasy

Hardly noticeable scent

– Quick and easy

– Golden, not orange

– Moisturizing

– Affordable- $8.99 for 4.5 oz


– Highly addicting!

– A bit time consuming to avoid streaks

You can buy this transformational product here.

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