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Trend: Woven Bucket Bags

by Skinnypurse

When it comes to fashion trends of late, I am all over boho-chic. I get to channel my high school days of going to Grateful Dead concerts and donning denim cutoffs, birks and tees. Ok so it wasn’t actually during the 70s, but it was fun to dress like it!

So now that the trend is back, I’ve been enjoying it in smaller doses. And one way has been through these great little boho woven bucket bags. Often times, they are handmade from cotton, raffia, leather and other materials. I had one of those woven bags with the leather straps. I still see them here and there, but think these woven bags are a fresher spin on the trend. Worn with everything from denim and a tee to summer dresses to more conservative looks, adding a dose of global inspiration elevates any look. The only problem has been picking just one.

Mar Y Sol Solana Drawstring Bag OndadeMar Mochila Round Bag Wayuu Taya Bucket Bag
Woven Boho Bucket Bag

Pictured above:

1) Mar Y Sol Solana Drawstring Bag ($100)

2) OndadeMar Mochila Round Bag ($200)

3) Woven Boho Bucket Bag ($128)

4) Wayuu Taya Bucket Bag ($132)

What are your thoughts on woven bucket bags? Too much of a blast from the past or do you love them?

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