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Alice In Wonderland Fashion Inspiration

by Skinnypurse

Alice In Wonderland Fashion Inspiration

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Excitement is looming over the premier of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland this Friday. In addition to watching the all-star lineup cast, we look forward to re-living the enchanting story of a little girl who falls into a rabbit hole and has her life changed forever. It makes one wonder – how will it be different now that we are adults?

Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice in Wonderland as well as the follow up book, Through The Looking-Glass, have stimulated imaginations since first being published in the late 1800s. All aspects of the books have been examined: what was the symbolism of the magic mushroom? Many artists have taken inspiration from his stories, and created everything from music videos to magazine layouts.

Like many of our readers, we cannot wait to soak up the amazing costumes and makeup. With both Alice and the Queen Of Hearts in mind, we’ve put together a few Alice in Wonderland-inspired fashion, shoes and accessories:

Alice In Wonderland Fashion Inspiration

1) Rose Trim Tube Dress, $26.50
2) ASOS Short Enameled Mushroom Necklace With Rhinestones, $10.26
3) Dogeared Unlocked Love Silver Heart with Key Hole Necklace, $92

4) Sequin Heart Chain Clutch, $18.80
5) Tom Binns Queen of Hearts Drop Earrings, $88
6) Roberto Cavalli Gem-Embellished Sandals, $775

7) Miu Miu Printed Snakeskin Pumps, $262.50
8) Recycled Gold Pin, $12.50
9) Miu Miu Satin Pumps, $232.50

10) Ditsy Corset Lace Dress, $80
11) Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette, Sold Out – Email Urban Decay for availability
12) Leifsdottir Queen of Hearts Silk Skirt, $198

13) Cut Out Eyelet Bootie, $68
14) Vogue Style File Nicholas Chlo Ann and More Take on Alice
15) Juicy Couture Heart Print Elbow Sleeve Dress, $220

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