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Boutique of the Week: Anique Michelle

by Skinnypurse

It’s not every day that you can find fashion and accessories that look good and are inexpensive. Enter Anique Michelle, an online boutique where all items it sells are under $60! What? That’s right tops, pants, dresses, handbags, hair accessories, jewelry and more are all less expensive than a single belt at most stores.

Boutique of the Week: Anique Michelle

And what’s even better than inexpensive goodies? Inexpensive goodies at 15% off! Skinnypurse.com readers save 15% on any purchase at Anique Michelle. Simply use code: SKINNYPURSE at checkout. (Offer valid through the end of November)

Anique Michelle is a unique store not only for the fact that they sells fashionable items in a lower price-point, but they also donate 2.5% of all profits to charities such as the ASPCA, The American Cancer Society and Dress for Success

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