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Color Up: New Hair Painting Technique from Seattle’s Robert Leonard Salon

by Skinnypurse
Robert Leonard Salon and Spa
Hair Painting By Becca

Hair Painting By Becca

Imagine, natural looking highlights, artfully painted, with long-lasting results. Sounds like heaven, right?

During my most recent visit to the hair salon, I was thrilled when my beloved stylist suggested we try out a new hair painting technique. Similar to Balayage, individual sections of hair are painted. Using the hair as a canvas, she is able to distribute highlights throughout in a more natural way. The end result  – sun-kissed locks.

Through this technique she is able to get closer to the hairline than with foils, adding longevity to the color. Unlike foils, hair painting does not create lines which magnify roots. My hair was painted over four weeks ago and the color is still going strong.

Olaplex Available at Robert Leonard Salon and Spa Seattle

Olaplex Available at Robert Leonard Salon and Spa Seattle

Magic Treatment: I always worry about hair dryness and processing damage, but Becca told me about Olaplex, a treatment for colored hair that builds bonds allowing you to layer on color more often. The treatment also smooths hair, requiring less need for anti-frizz products. With Olaplex you do not have to worry about breakage and over-processing. By adding the formula directly to the hair color, there is no need for an extra treatment.

Davines NouNou Shampoo and Hair Mask

Davines NouNou Shampoo and Hair Mask

How to keep that color? I was wondering the same thing. Becca recommended a shampoo and conditioner by Davines. Davines is an awesome brand because not only do they have a rockstar lineup of hair care products, with solutions for all types of hair, they have a commitment to sustainability. From formulas to packaging, they work toward minimizing their impact on the environment. In fact, 1% of purchases are donated to For the Planet to support environmental charities.

NOUNOU Shampoo ($25) Made for damaged or very dry hair, this shampoo gently cleanses without stripping hair. It’s formulated for bleached or blonde hair, but Davine’s offers several options for all hair colors. With natural ingredients like tomato, I’ve noticed that this shampoo creates lots of suds and feels very rich, plus the scent is pretty amazing.

NOUNOU Hair Mask ($32) Super-moisturizing, this hair mast repairs damaged hair, but is gentle enough for regular use. It’s weightless texture is not overly saturating, leaving hair soft, refreshed and shiny.

For more info and to learn more, visit Robertleonard.net

Robert Leonard Salon and Spa is located at: 2033 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Phone:(206) 441-9900
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