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Combat Dry Skin with LaLicious Body Butter

by Skinnypurse

LaLicious Body Butter

With the weather heating up, the air gets a little drier. In terms of a beauty regime, that means constantly slathering on body lotion to avoid the scaly skin of summer. For me, the keys to a good body crème are consistency and scent. Something too thick and greasy doesn’t cut it, while an overpowering perfume or lack of scent at all makes your olfactory glands freak out. I recently received some LaLicious Body Butter and was super excited to discover that it passed both the scent and consistency test with flying colors!

LaLicious Body Butters come in a ton of amazing scents, like Island Guava (my current fave), Passionfruit Lime, Lily Mango, Sugar Kiss, Vanilla, and more. The creamy formula has just the right amount of thickness, and goes on smooth, leaving skin silky. Each sumptuous body butter contains Shea Butter for it’s healing and softening properties, as well as aloe to help with dry, damaged skin. Apply after your shower to lock in moisture, or any time you need it. The best part is, the formula is natural and paraben-free.

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