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Get a Natural Glow with Xen Tan

by Skinnypurse

By our fashion and beauty intern Emma Hollomon

Xen Tan Self Tanner

I have tried many self-tanners and Xen Tan Products are definitely at the top of my list. I received a sample of the Scent Secure Gold Tinted Moisturizer ($35.00) to try out. because on my pale skin it blends in perfectly and with just one-application gives me a natural looking glow. It’s easy to apply with no offensive smell and the color never looked fake after I kept reapplying it all week.

The secret behind Xen Tan’s natural-looking self-tan is a time-release agent. The agent controls the amount of the sunless tan ingredient released on the skin during application. When released too quickly, DHA creates the unpleasant odors and trademark orange finish. XEN-TAN’s time-release process leaves flawless and natural results never streaking. This is a must try product if you want a tan that looks completely natural while allowing you to build color gradually.

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