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Holiday Party Countdown: Ideas for Outfits I

by Skinnypurse

It is almost the time of year holiday party invites start coming in. After Thanksgiving, the holidays are in full-force. So while you think about gifting, you should also begin planning your party outfits! Each week we’ll bring you an occasion-appropriate look to hopefully inspire and help you prepare for a lineup of social gatherings.

WGACA Vintage Chanel 80's CC Rhinestone Necklace Stella McCartney Velvet Petal Cropped Jacket
Calypso Iowa Dress Kara Ross Velvet Chain Clutch
Black Suede Piped Shoe Boots

In this look:
1) Vintage Necklace: WGACA Vintage Chanel 80’s CC Rhinestone Necklace, $1,150. Gold is still huge, and a chunky vintage rhinestone necklace is all you need to make a statement with this simple dress.

2) Cropped Jacket: Stella McCartney Velvet Petal Cropped Jacket, $1,965. Whether velvet, faux fur or some other material, a cropped shrug is a great choice on cooler evenings.

3) Clutch: Kara Ross Velvet Chain Clutch, $621. The black velvet pairs nicely with the shrug, while the gold detail ties the look together. A chain strap adds a versatile touch.

4) Ankle Boots: Black Suede Piped Shoe Boots, $98.49. The piped gold on these black suede shooties gives the whole outfit an edgier feel. These booties will also go great with other items in your closet.

5) Cocktail Dress: Calypso Silk Taffeta Crinkle Cut Iowa Bandeau Dress, $195. A simple shape and feminine fabric make this strapless cocktail dress a good canvas for accessories. Plus, the price is unbeatable.

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