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How to Rock the Romper

by Skinnypurse

Ah, the Romper. Such a controversial item of clothing. Is it sophisticated and high-fashion? Or just another funky trend that will pass as quickly as the fanny pack? Like much of fashion – beauty is in the eye of the wearer. One person might rock a romper and look like the epitome of chic; while another might look like they are trying too hard.

We think the romper actually has a place in fashion. If it does not have too little (or too much) fabric, drapes well, isn’t too tight or short, the romper can actually work. Like dresses, rompers are easy throw on one-pieces which make them perfect for packing. We searched Shopbop.com for three versions of the romper that are wearable and totally current. Here are the picks:

Sunner Florent Romper Alice + Olivia Trevor Draped Romper Jen's Pirate Booty Poncho Villa Sister Romper

1) Wear to work: Sunner Florent Romper, $273. The way this romper almost looks like a blouse tucked into a pair of shorts makes it a good option for more of a dressy environment.

2) Dress up: Alice + Olivia Trevor Draped Romper, $231. This sophisticated one-piece is cut long enough to make it look like a cocktail dress.

3) Pool Party: Jen’s Pirate Booty Poncho Villa Sister Romper, $150. A beach cover-up by day that’s appropriate worn to the evening bonfire.

For a romper that won’t break your shopping budget, check out CollegeCandy.com and their guide to budget friendly rompers. Don’t miss the 15% promo code at Lulu’s for College Candy readers!

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