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Make a Good Fashion Statement in Jeggings or Jean Leggings

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at The Find:

Ja-Ja-Jeggings. No, Jean Leggings. True Story: I was at a Levi’s event in San Francisco, when the sales gentleman asked me what I wanted to try on that day, I said “Jeggings!” He replied, “No, honey, we’ve got Jean Leggings. This ain’t Walmart.” The proof is in the pudding that the word “jeggings” and bottoms themselves has gotten a pretty bad rep. But despite its nasty, unflattering, and unenviable connotation, I can’t help but think that this fall weather calls for the cozy, casualness of it dearly. After all, when worn properly, like a stylish pair of pantyhose and covering all the proper areas where needed, Jeggings, er… Jean Leggings can be quite the fashion statement. I like to wear mine, tucked into some combat boots, with a long, bottom-covering sweater, chunky scarf, and cozy wool coat. It gives me the comfort of a pair of loungewear living room ready tights but with the warmth of my favorite pair of jeans. With the Walmart stigma or not, I’m sticking to investing in some fabulous jeggings this season. If you’re thinking of being a slight shopping rebellion yourself, I recommend investing in three fabulous pairs, that which I treasure in my own closet: Rewash Jeans Skinny Jeggings, Back Orchid Jeggings in Thunder, LoveSick Three Button Jeggings in Black.

– Mira Torres

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