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Black Leather Handbags for Fall

by Skinnypurse

A black leather handbag is a wardrobe staple – Whether slouchy and casual or structured and ladylike, your black handbag is ready to be paired with any outfit. It is stylish, timeless and chic. Handbag color trends will come and go – from brights to patterns to animal prints, but black leather will always remain a classic. Here are our picks for black leather handbags that are getting us excited about the upcoming fall season:

Bulga Panache Convertible Bag Tracy Zych Black Kane Bag Kooba Tied Convertible Hobo Bag
Alexander Wang Hillary Studded Shopper
Donna Karan Eldridge Slouchy Hobo

1) Bulga Panache Convertible Bag, $556.50

2) Tracy Zych Black Kane Bag, $775

3) Kooba Tied Convertible Hobo Bag, $575

4) Donna Karan Eldridge Slouchy Hobo Bag, $1495

5) Alexander Wang Hilary Studded Shopper, $890

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