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College Candy Dukes It Out Over Sheer Clothing For Spring

by Skinnypurse

We love the “Duke it Out” feature on CollegeCandy.com where readers can discuss their perspectives on a topic or fashion trend. Be sure to check out what readers are saying and leave your own comments on CollegeCandy.com!

From our friends at College Candy:

CC: Duke It Out: Sheer for Spring?

I really thought that this trend was going to die last year, but apparently, I really missed it on that call. From what I have seen so far from the runways and red carpets, sheer is back for spring. And I’m not just talking sheer here – I’m talking “hello world, here’s my bra” no tank top, sheer. I give it up to models, they can strut down the runway in just about anything and make it seem like an OK idea, but in the real world, can anybody make this work?

On the one hand, I kinda like the idea of sheer – it’s sexy and, let’s face it, this is probably the only time in my life I’m going to have a body that can come anywhere close to being OK that uncovered. Plus, I have a lot of pretty bras that I never really wear because they show under clothes, so sheer could definitely help get my money’s worth on that front (and the boy toy gives a thumbs up to anything that involves seeing bras). While I might not be as bold with it as some of the celebs I’ve seen (holy crap, Leighton!) a sheer top + cute bra + jacket could totally be cute for grabbing a drink with the girls. Hey, as long as we’ve got youth on our side, we might as well embrace it, right?

But like it or not, from the time I first started wearing a bra I was taught to make sure that it didn’t show through my clothes. For almost every life situation I’ve been in it’s good advice – showing up to an interview flashing your lacy underthings = not a good idea – which means that this sheer look would only work in very specific circumstances. And let’s face it, this is a look that’s going to get you a lot of attention whether you like it or not, so you have to go in prepared to fend off the catcalls and unavoidable drunken stares at the bar.

I admit, I’ve had my little forays with sheer, but at the end of the day, that mom voice inside my head keeps whispering “people can see your bra” and I end up spending the whole day with my arms folded across my chest. Am I just being a prude, or is this look a little too fashion-forward for the real world? Will you rock out with your, um, bra out this spring? Or is this a look best left to the runways?

Duke it out ladies!

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