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College Candy Fashion Find: Tecolote Tank from Anthropologie

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at College Candy:

CC: Wardrobe Wish List: Anthropologie Tecolote Tank

A couple of days of waking up to gorgeous, sunny weather is all I need to start having spring cravings. Cosmos on a rooftop bar is the first, followed by an extra large Pinkberry, eaten outside of course. And then, you guessed it, the pangs in my gut that send me sprinting towards storefronts and catalogs in search of the attire to match the temperature.

Perhaps because I’ve felt like an Eskimo battling a four month long blizzard, or maybe it was the daily ordeal of putting on ten layers to prevent frostbite (just to take off nine of them when I reached my destination), but my skin is majorly craving some silky, flowy, feathery light material.

And I’ve found the absolutely perfect first buy: the Tecolote Tank from Anthropologie.

First of all, the tank is made from jersey, which is heaven to my skin’s ears (we’ve just had enough of heavy flannel and cashmere at this point). And the earthy details give it an extra unique touch that will stand out in the sea of tank tops that will soon flood our campuses.

The etched pattern of the fabric gives it the appearance of texture, reminding me of a white birch: natural and feminine. And you can’t get more girly and delicate than the silk appliqué Ranunculus blooms that are sewed on in a way that makes it seem like the flowers are growing around the neckline.

Even better, the racer back shape is super flattering on shoulders, and the looser bottom camouflages that winter bulge we’re all in the process of (or at least planning on) working off for bathing suit season.

When I look at this tank I instantly see myself walking on a beach in a pair of rolled boyfriend jeans, braided leather sandals in hand. Unfortunately I have a month and a half’s worth of work, essays and exams standing between me and the sand, but it will totally be more bearable doing it all in this adorable tank.

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