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College Candy Find: Michael Kors 4 in 1 Boots

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at College Candy:

College Candy - Michael Kors Frannie Boot

Style can be really stressful, especially for someone that is so obsessed with fashion that I can’t walk a street without being drawn in by some supernatural force to pretty much every store I see. No matter how full my closet is, there is always a new trend coming out that makes it feel incomplete (and keeps my wish list a mile long).

So anything that takes a little stress out of fashion, I’m all about it.

Which is why I am in love with the new Frannie boot by Michael Kors.

Why, you ask?

Well it’s leather, it’s chic, it has an adorable fold over top. And, oh yeah, did I mention it’s four trends in one?

That’s right. This boot has three zippers, which allow you to instantly transform your boot from above the knee, to below-the-knee, to mid-calf, to ankle booties. Tell me that’s not the most genius thing you’ve heard in a while.

I can wear them as-is over skinny jeans, fold down the cuff for a more conservative right-below-the-knee look, zip off the top layer for a mid-caf boot that will fit nicely under a boot cut pant (because how annoying is it to have that bulkiness that makes it look like you have gigantour calves?), and then zip off the top two layers for a trendy ankle bootie that looks adorable with a mini dress and opaque tights.

It’s so perfect it makes my head hurt!

These boots are the answer to my fashion stress. Owning these means an end to my drooling/crying when I pass a shoe store with a window display full of ankle boots and I’m stuck wearing my knee-highs. I can simply zip off the top and instantly be on trend once again!

Too bad genius comes with a very steep price tag. As in, a month’s rent. Here’s hoping Target or my pal Steve Madden will get on board and bring me a little Michael Kors knock-off that is both fashion and wallet friendly.

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