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Denim Buying Guides on the Web

by Skinnypurse

One of the greatest things about the internet is that knowledge is literally at your fingertips. It’s hard to believe there was life before “Googling.” Fortunately, all of your fashion dilemmas can be solved in a few keystrokes.

Take denim buying: When trying jeans on in the store, it is always better to have a helpful salesperson that can show you which jeans work best with your body and help you get the best fit. But, buying jeans online can sometimes be a crap shoot. And while buying online saves you time from having to go to the store, it can end up costing more in time, shipping back returns and sheer frustration. Fortunately, many online retailers are becoming savvier about providing their customers the tools they need to make good purchasing decisions.

Shopbop.com has a wide selection of denim fit guides and videos, that are quick, to the point and easy to understand. You can check out their fit videos here.

Shopbop.com Denim Buying Guide

Nordstrom.com also has some helpful videos in their Denim Fit Fundamentals series:

Denim Fit Fundamentals.

Yoox.com has a cute Denim Guide as well.

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