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Jewelry Line to Watch: Alexandra Beth Designs

by Skinnypurse

Alexandra Beth Designs

It’s always amazing to see a person follow their dreams and do what they love. That’s what designer Alexandra Samit did when she launched her jewelry line, Alexandra Beth Designs. The twenty-two year old has a passion for jewelry that started when she was in kindergarten. Her unique designs are a mix of soft leather and studs, delicate chains and gemstones. The result is a collection that is beautiful and wearable. Each piece is made by hand and priced affordably. The collection is available at National Jean Company. For a limited time, Save 20% on Any purchase with code: THANKS at checkout.

Clockwise from top left:

1) Chain Earring, $40
2) Swarovski Cube Necklace, $62
3) Small Gold Lion Leather Bracelet, $66
4) LOVE Necklace, $88

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