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Karma Chameleon: The 80’s are Back

by Skinnypurse

It was a decade full of big shoulders, short skirts, glitz and glam. Video may have killed the radio star, but the era of decadence is back and going strong. Whether you go full on 80’s or wear just a piece or two, you can have fun creating your look. Key pieces include tulle mini skirts, heeled booties, layers of lace, cropped jackets, bustiers and tons of jewelry. Many new wave designs are being created by the likes of Haute Hippie, Alice + Olivia & Erin Fetherston, as they look to 80’s style muses like Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Pat Benatar. The result: A modern take on fashion reflecting the decade that rocked our world.

Camilla and Marc Saki JacketMichael Antonio McKey BootieTiered Tulle SkirtHaute Hippie Chain of Fools Embellished Tank
Camilla and Marc Iris SkirtSilence & Noise Pleated Shoulder Open JacketKimberly Ovitz Julian Cropped Jacket
Givenchy Peep-Toe Ankle BootsBoulee Joe T Top in Moonshadow
Yves Saint Laurent Fatale Sculpted Pump
Tiered Lace Skirt with Boyshort
We Who See Wedge BootieAlice + Olivia Short Lace Skirt

1) Camilla and Marc Saki Jacket, $644

2) Camilla and Marc Iris Skirt, $322

3) Tiered Tulle Skirt, $17.80

4) Michael Antonio McKey Bootie, $60

5) Haute Hippie Chain of Fools Embellished Tank, $295

6) Silence & Noise Pleated Shoulder Open Jacket, $68

7) Kimberly Ovitz Julian Cropped Jacket, $660

8) Givenchy Peep-Toe Ankle Boots, $990

9) Yves Saint Laurent Fatale Sculpted Pump, $795

10) Tiered Lace Skirt with Boyshort, $14.80

11) Kettle Black Studded Bustier, $253

12) Boulee Joe T Top in Moonshadow, $231

13) We Who See Wedge Bootie, $49.99

14) Alice + Olivia Short Lace Skirt, $275

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