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On Our List: Pretty Office Accessories

by Skinnypurse

Lately we’ve been obsessed with creating the perfect workspace. After all, this is where most people spend the majority of their time. And whether you are working from a corporate cubicle or a home office, there are tons ways to add special touches to help create a work environment that is pleasant and stress free. From term papers to proposals, a clutter free desk that has touches of your personal life and style can help you focus and work productively.

Here are just a few desk and office accessories we are loving right now. Do you have any favorites? Let us know…And we’ll continue to post other fun finds.

D. L. & Co. Angels Trumpet Diffuser Peacock Paperweight by PaperFlowers Hadley Hutton April Print
Cherry Blossom Tasseled Book Mark Lucite Chair by Suzan Fellman
Floating Feather Dish
Florid Business Card Holder

1) D. L. & Co. Angels Trumpet Diffuser, $95. Because it’s always nice to have something sweet smelling close to you.

2) Peacock Paperweight by PaperFlowers, $10. This peacock paperweight will make even your most heinous bills look pretty.

3) Hadley Hutton April Print, 8×10 – $30. Brighten up your work space with one of Haddley Hutton’s bird prints.

4) Lucite Chair by Suzan Fellman, $2500. In case you need something to splurge on, this Lucite chair is the perfect mix of cheeky and Victorian.

5) Florid Business Card Holder, $28. Store cards and stash in your bag for when networking is in order.

6) Cherry Blossom Tasseled Book Mark, $58. Love the bright pink tassel peaking out from a book.

7) Floating Feather Dish, $18. Perfect to hold pens, paperclips, post-its or other desk paraphernalia.

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