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10 Accessories that Take Any Outfit from Drab to Fab

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at College Candy:

Ever get dressed for class and find yourself standing in front of the mirror thinking something’s missing, but you just don’t know where to add that last minute accessory? After going through the whole day, you’re now headed out on a manhunt with your girls and you’re looking for an easy way to make your almost there outfit scream ‘do me!’ But instead of being super excited to get out and (hopefully) get some, you’re stuck standing in front of your mirror.

I’m that girl that’s always standing in front of the mirror, waiting for the missing piece to my outfit to magically appear. I’m entirely ready to go but there I am, just clicking my ruby red heels together, knowing that I’m not totally there yet.

You don’t have to raise your hand and tell me that you, too, are like me…there’s no punishment here for being short an accessory. Instead, I did some researching (a.k.a I looked at pictures of the most fashionable babes on the internet and just copied their really good ideas). The best part about most of these awesome last minute add-ons is that I’ve probably got all of these pieces laying around my closet somewhere, dusty from their lack of use.

Now that I’ve scanned the internet (and the deepest, darkest gallows of my closet) here are the top 10 last minute accessory ideas that take any outfit from drab to fab.

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