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Gucci Shoes Arrive at Nordstrom!

by Skinnypurse

From our friends at The Find:

At long last, designer shoe fetishists can splurge on their favorite brands sans buyer’s remorse thanks to the no-questions-asked return policy at Nordstrom! Yes, our favorite department store is upgrading their shoe collection by finally adding Gucci to their long list of fashionable fare, starting with the Resort 2012 collection, available now for pre-order. And if there was ever the perfect time to embrace Gucci footwear, it’s certainly now; the latest vacation-ready collection features everything but the kitchen sink in terms of trends! All-over glitz, color-blocking, chic feminized loafers, animal print, and more – it’s almost impossible to not find something you like, no matter what upcoming spring style suits you best. Of course, if the super-sized price tag is what’s warding you off, this self-proclaimed recessionista here certainly doesn’t blame you! But look at it this way – the second buyer’s remorse gets too unbearable, ship your chic new shoes back. That is, if the separation anxiety doesn’t hurt you more than the cost!

– Alex Gambardella

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