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Jewelry Obsession: Charme Silkiner

by Skinnypurse

Charme Silkiner

Long necklaces are so gorgeous. But sometimes it’s fun to take a detour from your basic layered gold chains. I recently came across this one by Charme Silkiner ($198), and think I’ve found my new favorite. A long chain is punctuated by a beautiful cluster of black spinel, pearl and champagne cubic zirconia, and shiny rings. The perfect addition to a silky blouse, sweater or even t-shirt, this gorgeous necklace adds a sense of organic beauty to any outfit.

Charme Silkiner

The inspiration Charme Silkiner’s collection comes from a love of brilliant gemstones. Each piece combines the beauty of natural stones with exquisite color and texture. This Atlanta-based designer’s necklaces, bracelets and earrings create a sense of movement and beauty for the wearer. For more information about the collection and to shop online, visit: CharmeSilkiner.com.

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