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Review of The September Issue

by Skinnypurse

The September Issue
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The September Issue, the highly acclaimed documentary on iconic Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, is now out in theaters everywhere. I was lucky enough to attend a screening earlier this week (thank you Seattle Fashion Television!) and really enjoyed the movie. For anyone who loves fashion, The September Issue gives us a glimpse into the glamorous and fast-paced world that is Vogue Magazine.

Each year thousands of Vogue readers can’t wait for the coveted September Issue arrives in their mailbox. In 2007 (when this movie was filmed), Vogue’s September Issue was the biggest yet. This movie shows us what goes into making the issue, from orchestrating photo shoots and choosing photos to planning the layout, all while giving us a fly-on-the wall view of the inner political workings of a high fashion magazine.

While primarily focusing on Anna Wintour, we also get a chance to learn about Grace Coddington, the uber-talented Creative Director, who plays an integral part in the company that makes up Vogue. Her sweet candor makes you love her instantly, and while she feels she struggles to be heard, it is actually her voice and vision that comes through the strongest in the resulting September Issue. Here is a great interview of Ms. Coddington on The September Issue from Style.com that gives some insight into her role in the movie.

After seeing and reading The Devil Wears Prada, I thought we would see similar situations with Wintour and her employees. I will never forget the scenes of Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) dumping her handbag and coat upon her forlorn assistant’s desk. But while Wintour’s hard work and dedication might come off intensely, she is actually woman with a shrewd business sense who loves and takes pride in what she does. In the film, she reflects that fashion is about looking forward, not backward – An honest lesson to apply to all of our lives.

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